Note: These are contributed articles from various authors. The opinions expressed are solely those of the authors, not ASA or any other organization. The author is Paul Arveson unless otherwise noted.

Comments on "Evidence and Cosmology: What we have learned from NASA's cosmic radiation probe" at AAAS, Feb. 19, 2004

"Cosmology and Theology", 2003

A Critique of Hugh Ross' book "The Fingerprint of God"

"From Science to Christianity: Toward a Complete Worldview" by Dennis L. Feucht

"If God Exists ... then why does he not make himself more evident to us?" by Dennis L. Feucht

"Gratuity in Nature and Technology"

"Underwater Acoustics from the Whale's Point of View" by Paul Arveson

"Polonium Haloes and Geochronology" - reference article by D. York with illustrations from Henderson & Sparks

"Appropriate Technology Now - Two Examples" - by Paul Arveson, for the ASA Annual Meeting, 2005

"Origins Don't Matter" - by Paul Arveson, for the ASA Annual Meeting (poster session), 2005

What does Christ have to do with it? - a critique of Intelligent Design (2006)

Multimedia Presentations:

"Now I've Seen Everything" by Paul Arveson - a review of latest discoveries in cosmology.

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