ID Prefix1 FirstName1 LastName1 Soundex1 Org1 Prefix2 FirstName2 LastName2 Soundex2 Org2 Subject1 Subject2 Title Date
 99  Mr.  David  Aikman    Senior Fellow, Ethics and Public Policy Center            Religions  World News  Understanding Islam  1/27/2002
 187  Mr.  Jim  Anderson    NPC Librarian            Church Life  Education  Religious Education & the NPC Library  4/24/2005
 405  Hon.  John  Anderson    US Congress (ret.)  Hon.  George  Nethercutt    US Congress (ret.)  Political_Science  Church Life  Post-election Reflections: Cromartie, Nethercutt and Anderson  11/11/2012
 455  Mr.  Jim  Anderson    Librarian & Archivist, NPC            Church Life  Church History  Church History Resources of the NPC Library  2/1/2015
 404  Hon.  John  Anderson    US Congress (ret.)            Political_Science  Church Life  A Former Presidential Candidate Reflects on Faith & Public Life  11/4/2012
 324  Mr.  Jim  Anderson    NPC Librarian & Historian            Church Life  History  New and Old Resources in NPC Libraries  2/21/2010
 254  Mr.  Jim  Anderson    NPC Librarian & Historian            Church Life  History  How National became National: A history of the beginning of NPC  9/30/2007
 315  Mr.  Paul  Arveson    NPC member            History  Theology  Calvin's Role in the History of Science  5/10/2009
 446  Mr.  Paul  Arveson    AAAS            Society  Sciences  Dialogue between Evangelicals and Scientists  5/18/2014
 140  Mr.  Paul  Arveson    American Scientific Affiliation            Sciences  World News  New Discoveries in Cosmology  5/4/2003
 436  Dr.  Kathy  Arveson    Counseling Prof. Regent U.            Caring_Ministries  World News  Trauma Counseling in Kenya  11/24/2013
 214  Mr.  Paul  Arveson    NPC Elder, American Scientific Affiliation            Theology  Sciences  Intelligent Design: What does Christ have to do with it?  3/19/2006
 417  Mr.  Paul  Arveson    Wrestlers Class            World News  Religions  Responses to Muslim Document A Common Word  4/28/2013
 494  Mr.  Paul  Arveson  A312  Wrestlers Class          Wrestlers Class  Theology  Society  Fools Talk - Apologetics Book by Os Guinness  9/11/2016
 377  Dr.  Kathy  Arveson    Professor of Counseling, Regent U.            Psychology  Caring Ministries  Attachment Theory in Pastoral Counseling  11/20/2011
 421  Mr.  Paul  Arveson    NPC Member            Theology  Philosophy  Westminster Confession  5/6/2012

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