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 1  Dr.  Kenneth  Culver  C416  Scientist            Sciences  Theology  God's Fingerprints in our Genetic Makeup  11/17/1996
 2  Hon.  Edvard  Grimstad  G652  VP Norway            World News  World News  Norway today & hopes for the future into the 2nd Millennium  2/1/1998
 3  Mr.  Charles  Mendes  M532  Int'l Fellowship            Religions  Religions  countries dominated by indigenous religion, Christ's love  2/8/1998
 4  Mr.  Dan  Dyer  D600  corporate executive            Teaching Ministries  Society  Christian response to Urban youth: a model of success  2/15/1998
 5  Dr.  Bruce  MacLaury    President, Brookings Institution            Society  Ethics  A Civil Society: what is it & why people are talking about it  2/22/1998
 7  Rev.  Eunice  McGarrahan    NPC Associate Pastor            Theology  Church Life  Trends: larger church & NPC (1): Biblical/theological foundation  3/15/1998
 8    Dean  Hoge    Catholic U.            Society  Church Life  Trends: larger church & NPC (2): keying the sociologicalů.  3/22/1998
 9    Louis  Weeks    Union Th. Seminary            Church Life  Society  Trends: larger church & NPC.(3): future...Prsbtn community  3/29/1998
 10  Mr.  Bernard  Dudley    Intn'l Fellowship            Religion  World News  South Africa, the spiritual presence prevalent today  4/19/1998
 11  Mr.  Peter  Biehl    parents of Amy Biehl  Ms.  Linda  Biehl      Caring Ministries  World News  How Amy Biehl served the people of Guguletu township  4/26/1998
 12    Ken  Lutterman    National Institute of Mental Health            Psychology  World News  South Africa, Mental stress behind truth & reconciliation trials  5/3/1998
 13  Dr.  Karen  Longman    Coalition of Christian Colleges & Universities    J  Lutterman      Education  Political_Science  The Principles of Leadership  5/10/1998
 14    Herma  Williams                Political_Science  Ethics  Moral imperatives for leadership in today's world  5/17/1998
 15  Mr.  Don  Kruse    Foreign Service Officer (ret.)  Mr.    Hellmann      Political_Science  World News  Perspective on Events in the Middle East  5/31/1998
 16  Dr.  Cloes  Maksoud    Prof. & Amb. to Arab League            Political_Science  World News  Challenges in Iraq: Quest for Stability  6/7/1998
 17  Hon.  David  Mack    US Ambassador (ret.)            Political_Science  World News  American Policy in Iraq  6/14/1998

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