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At this point we are departing from the outline of Big Questions, because we believe it is important that you seek answers to these questions within a community of people -- people who have expertise, and people who have humbly chosed to follow the Way of Jesus Christ. 

One of these communities is the American Scientific Affiliation (ASA).

The ASA has published a journal, now called "Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith", for over 60 years.  The ASA is the oldest organization of its kind. Despite this longevity, a final consensus on all questions of science, religion, ethics, or theology has not been achieved by the membership of ASA!  We all know Jesus Christ as our Savior and Lord.  However, we hold our knowledge of science, religion and other things humbly, knowing that we are all sinners, we all make many mistakes.  We are continuing to discover the revelations of God in Scripture and nature.

We bow three times:

We bow before the one God who has revealed himself to us in Jesus Christ.

We bow before the Holy Scriptures that provide a moral authority for our lives.

And we bow before the data and inferences of science, which we must accept as the general revelation of God's truth.

So the ASA does not have a "position" on these or other controversial questions.  Rather, the ASA provides an open forum for sincere believers to seek better understanding and to avoid past pitfalls in responding to these questions.

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