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If life on earth evolved and is evolving, can there still be a God who created all things?

If the world is made of mere matter and energy, and physicists feel lost in a meaningless cosmos, doesn't that mean we are alone -- can God still be present all around us?

If our earth is a tiny speck of dust orbiting a Class G2 yellow dwarf star, of which there are 100 billion in our galaxy, one of 100 billion other galaxies -- can there still be a God who counts every hair on my head, and every tear that I shed?

If human beings suffer from natural disasters as well as violence from other human beings, can there still exist a loving God who also has experienced suffering and violence?

If so, who is this God? What kind of God could this be, who spans the 15-billion-light-year universe, yet knows us intimately and suffers alongside us?

Only the God of Jesus Christ.  He is truly God, come in human flesh to earth.  He lived to show us the way to live.  He died to show how much he loved us.  He rose again to show us the power of God.

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American Scientific Affiliation
Washington - Baltimore Section