Big Questions (1)

What is truth?

What is truth? Pilate's famous question is the first one to ask. Is it "the nature of things"? Is it "scientific laws"? Is it "what the Bible [or some other authority] says"? Is it "what works"? The answer we get depends a lot on how we define truth, for that is how we are persuaded, and how we try to persuade others.

Jesus himself said, "Whoever belongs to the truth listens to me." The truth is a Person.

The key to the solution to all of the most important questions of life (that is, the way to begin to unlock the doors to begin to solve all these questions in the correct way) is for the individual to decide to trust Jesus Christ.

Why? Because Jesus Christ said "I am the way, and the truth, and the life." And he demonstrated his claims to his own and every subsequent generation.

Now, a question for you:

Have you read the New Testament???

Get a copy and read it. There is no book like it. Do not be distracted from life's biggest adventure by other books, or web sites, or entertainments. Read the New Testament first, then come back here and go on to Question 2!

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