Big Questions

The Big Questions

There are needs in life which have nothing to do with bare survival, yet people often think about these needs and seek answers -- we want answers to the Big Questions about life that occur to everyone sooner or later. People may seek the answers in philosophy, in psychology, in religion, in science, in relationships with another person, in art, or even in athletics or adventure. In fact, it is a very normal, human thing to seek answers to these Big Questions.

The first step in getting answers is to clarify the questions. What are these Big Questions? Here is an outline that may help to sort them out:

1. Meaning

A. Truth and Knowing (Epistemology)
What is truth? Does any absolute truth exist?
Is there anything we can trust? (e.g. self, another person, God?)
How can we know anything for sure?
How can anything be proved?

B. Reality and Origins (Metaphysics)
What is real and what is fantasy?
Is there a spiritual reality, or God?
How did the universe come into being?
Is everything determined, or do we have free choice?
What is a human being (body, mind, and/or soul?)
What happens after we die?

2. Identity (Metaphysics as applied to myself)

A.Significance and Security
Who am I?
How am I unique?
Does it matter that I exist? Why?

B. Purpose
What is the purpose of my life?
How can I find a direction for my life?
What are my special talents or gifts?
What is my destiny?

3. Values

A. Morals: Right and Wrong
Do real morals exist, or is everything just relative?
What is the standard for behavior?
What is normal?
What controls are beneficial for society?
How can I become motivated to do the right things?

B. Serenity
How can I accept myself as I am?
Is guilt just a feeling, or is it really valid?
Is there a basis for forgiveness?
How can I attain peace of mind?
How can I find real happiness?

No mature person is apathetic or unconcerned about these questions. Everyone makes some conclusions about them, and these conclusions help to order their thinking and their lives. That is part of what makes us human.

Confident in this belief, we invite you to go on to explore possible answers to
Question 1 - What is truth?

(We have no intention of confusing you about terms. If there is a word above that you don't know, please see our definitions of terms.)


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